Our property

We live in a one-story single-family house on around 16,000 square meters of land.

There is a large horse paddock including stables, where besides our two horses also lives Dieter, our domestic pig, who is outside during the day. We also have a large hen house with 15 chickens and a rooster. Not to forget our two “bold ones” Otto and Günter. In the case of the two, it is actually true: dogs that bark don't bite! 

Of course, there are a lot of animals that we don't have such close contact with, including lizards, butterflies, hummingbirds, tons of other birds, frogs and geckos. The variety of plants is even more impressive, we discover something new almost every week. In the meantime we have found over 60 different crops.

Coconuts, bananas, pineapples, mulberries, figs, macadamia, coffee, cotton, cocoa, cashews, limes, lemons, mandarins, star fruits, passion fruit, mango, yucca, avocado, to name just a few. There is a large orchard with old trees that you can stroll through and relax.

At the very end of the property there is a large banana, pineapple, yucca, and bean plantation near your accommodation. These are pretty much the staple diet of the Dominicans. At the same time, the whole thing is reminiscent of a jungle, which you can of course visit at any time. Of course we are happy to show and explain everything to you. 

We are happy to introduce you to the horses, dogs, pigs and our chickens. We also have a nice outside bar and can have a drink or, if you like, a two or three.

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