Why Jarabacoa?

Why Jarabacoa, why this house? Why not the sea but the mountains?

The simplest answer: come and see for yourself

As soon as we arrived we directly fell in love with this little town surrounded by mountains and forests. Our property is located in a well-hidden residential complex with approx. 12 houses 10 to 15 walking minutes from the city center, away from touristic routes. The one-story house with around 150 m2 of living space is simple but nonetheless impressive. From the large terrace you have a fantastic view over the entire property. You can see the paddock and stables with our two horses, the chicken coop and a lot of exotic plants.

There are geckos and lizards everywhere, of all possible colors and shapes, there are thousands of hummingbirds and butterflies. A sight you can hardly get enough of. There is a large orchard with old trees that you can stroll through and relax.

We tried to count all crops once, but then stopped after 50 different fruit, vegetable and herb plants. There's even cotton, coffee, cocoa, and peanuts. Mangoes, coconuts, oranges, limes, guavas, papaya, macadamia nuts, and a lot of things that we have never seen, let alone eaten, grow there.

In the meantime we supplement the whole thing by sowing different types of vegetables and fruits. Due to the warm but mild climate, almost everything grows and flourishes here. Some stuff you can harvest several times a year. At the back of the property there is a slope that is used as a pineapple, bean, guandule and banana plantation and thus supplies the Dominican staple food, so to speak. The whole thing is very reminiscent of a jungle, which you can of course explore at any time.

Exactly there, apart, is your little house, which we have converted into a wonderful holiday home. There is a large terrace behind the house, providing a great view of the greenery. Since we let it all grow in, the place looks remote, almost isolated. It starts with the way into the house that leads through a beautiful arcade, which we illuminate for you at night. As mentioned, although we've been here for a few months now, we manage to discover something new every time we go for a walk. Our swimming pool has just been finished and you for sure can use it also.

We have two wells that provide clean water. Our houses also have their own power supply via gas aggregators, so that you can live here almost independently. Our 15 chickens and the rooster also help maintaining the supplies! We have already gotten two new inhabitants - Dieter the pig and Hiltrud the goat, unfortunately she got seriously ill and died after a short time. Our two «bold ones», Otto and Günter, are very nice but also great watch dogs.

We have meanwhile converted the staff room in the main building into a room for backpackers, with a separate entrance and own bathroom. So we can without any difficulty accommodate an overnight stay of more than two people.


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