Jarabacoa, our town

Jarabacoa is located in the middle of the Dominican Republic. The town is surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 529 meters.

Die Entfernung zur Provinz-Hauptstadt La Vega beträgt 20 km. (Santo Domingo 140 km, Santiago de Los Caballeros 38 km,  Samaná 180 km, Punta Cana 327 km, Puerto Plata 127 km, Cabarete 99 km, Dajabon 203 km). .Sehr viele wohlhabende Dominikaner aus den großen Städten zieht es hierher, dass nicht umsonst die Schweiz der Karibik genannt wird.

Every now and then you come across a Lamborghini trying to cope with the bumps in the road, or a Rolls Royce in front of a poor hut. The population fluctuates between 50,000 and 70,000, depending on which statistics are trusted. 

Eines ist allerdings sicher, Jarabacoa ist eine sehr junge Stadt, das Durchschnittsalter sehr niedrig. Man spürt es auch an den gefühlt „tausenden“ von Mopeds und Motorrädern, die auf den Straßen unterwegs sind und mit „beeindruckenden und waghalsigen Fahrmanövern auffallen“. 

It's just wonderfully lively, and seldom have I experienced so much respect and helpfulness. There are all shops for daily needs, supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware stores, and so on. The prices are moderate, so you don't actually have to go to the surrounding big cities. There are two hospitals and all the necessary doctors. Of course, there is also plenty of entertainment, and tons of cafes, bars, restaurants and discos invite you to linger.

The level of education compared to other districts is high, there are not only a lot of state schools, but also several private schools. The crime rate is very low.

The second largest city in the Dominican Republic, Santiago de los Caballeros with almost 600,000 inhabitants, can be reached in around 60 minutes by car. But also coastal towns such as Puerto Plata or Cabarete can be reached in about 2 hours, just like the capital Santo Domingo. 

It is not only possible to cover these routes with your own car, you can also use the local intercity buses that go every hour in all directions. Certainly the cheapest, but also the most time-consuming option due to the many intermediate stops. 

It is much more convenient and faster to charter a taxi. The costs for it, for example there and back to Santo Domingo, are around EUR 100, and the driver is happy to wait for that. 

Of course, we can organize all travel options on request. We also have two accommodations in Santo Domingo and can at least guarantee a Spanish-speaking family connection.

There are tons of really beautiful sights and squares in the immediate vicinity. The most impressive destination is already mentioned here. It is Pico Duarte - with 3087 m the highest mountain in the entire Caribbean. The entrance to the climb is about 30 km from Jarabacoa in a national park near the village of La Cienaga. We have also listed all other sights and excursion destinations under activities.

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