Dominican Republic

Buena Vista
41000 Jarabacoa


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Jarabacoa is the stronghold of extreme sports in the Dominican Republic, including climbing, mountain hikes, rafting, paragliding and much more. You will get most of it, but check your “equipment” at least swimming trunks and sturdy shoes you should have with you. Remember, it can get chilly in the mountains here, long clothes and a sleeping bag are certainly recommended. The tours last up to three days.

One of the best sellers of sports articles for me, as they can also be ordered online, is Sportcheck.

Not only in this context and because I’ve worked half my life for an insurance company, but also privately, I advise everyone to take out health insurance for their stay abroad. Accidents can occur particularly in “extreme sports”. One treatment quickly adds up to several thousand euros.

Hanse Merkur is a very good international health insurance company.

And in the end you have to come to us somehow, I like to work with opodo as one of the largest platforms, as all available flights are clearly displayed here.

One of the few airlines that fly non-stop is the Condor, the best way to get to us is by flight to Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo. Of course, on request, we carry out the Transfer.

Another tip, if you don’t already have one, is to take a credit card with you on vacation. You don’t have to walk around with an unnecessary amount of cash, and the exchange rates at the ATMs are very good despite possible fees. Another small advantage is that most cards have a payment term of 6 weeks, so if you run out of vacation money, you still have a reserve available. Of course, credit cards can also be used in Germany.