Climbing, Rafting, Canyoning & Paragliding

könnt Ihr hier bei uns im wunderschönen Jarabacoa machen.

Die beste Ausrüstung hierfür bekommt Ihr zum Beispiel bei Sportscheck:

Man sollte nicht ohne verreisen.

Des besten Schutz bei Unfall und Krankheit während eurer Reise bietet euch die Hanse Merkur.

Der schnellste Weg zu uns, die beste Flugsuche:

House Under Palmtrees

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Guest room

Boris, Tana und Madelaine

My name is Boris Zimmer, born in January 1971. For the past 25 years I have worked in a management position for a large insurance company. I read a lot, I enjoy being outdoors and I am passionate about cooking. All these things I can pursue in my current life. In January 2020, my family and I fulfilled a big dream and emigrated to the Dominican Republic. Since my wife is Dominican, the hurdles were not that high. We have been married since 2006 and we got a new family member in 2008. Our daughter is now twelve years old and is also happy about our emigration. The small holiday house and the back packer accommodation are here on our quite large property. We have loads of animals and loads of different types of fruit and vegetables. There are chickens, horses, dogs, cats and a pig. Soon we can be seen as actors on VOX Goodbye Germany - The Emigrants - you can certainly get to know us better there! Otherwise we look forward to welcoming you here.

Here you can

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