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Our property and

the beautiful Jarabacoa

One-story single-family house on around 16,000 square meters of land

In the meantime we have found over 60 different crops. Coconuts, bananas, pineapples, mulberries, figs, macadamia, coffee, cotton, cocoa, cashews, limes, lemons, mandarins, star fruits, passion fruit, mango, yucca, avocado, to name just a few.

Goodbye Deutschland – die Auswanderer

– Boris Zimmer –

Why Jarabacoa, why this house? Why not the sea but the mountains?

As soon as we arrived we directly fell in love with this little town surrounded by mountains and forests. 

Our property is located in a well-hidden residential complex with approx. 12 houses 10 to 15 walking minutes from the city center, away from touristic routes. 

The one-story house with around 150 m2 of living space is simple but nonetheless impressive. From the large terrace you have a fantastic view over the entire property. You can see the paddock and stables with our two horses, the chicken coop and a lot of exotic plants. 


Give experiences


The official language is Spanish. The republic is a presidential democracy. Approx. 95% of the population belong to the Roman Catholic religion. 


Even we were amazed at the countless sights and natural wonders that can be discovered here near us ...

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Jarabacoa is located in the middle of the Dominican Republic. The town is surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 529 meters...

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